Manscaped and Nogu's success with Instagram Reels, Skin Angel's demonstration of K-Beauty on TikTok, and William Painter's humor-driven victories on YouTube all underline the power of short-form marketing in driving e-commerce growth. These examples showcase the significant impact that concise, engaging content can have on increasing brand visibility and sales across various platforms.

Why Short-From Content Matters, You Ask? Everyone's watching Short-Form Now!

The beginning of captivating marketing starts with 'short-form'. A simple 15-second video can be far more engaging than traditional advertisements, quickly winning over consumers with its brevity and impact. We have gradually come to value brief, succinct messages over long, complex ones. This shift in consumer preferences has naturally fueled the growth of short-form content, establishing it as a new revolution in marketing.

But why is short-form marketing so important? The charm of delivering a powerful message in a short span of time has transcended being just a trend. Now, even shopping malls must pay attention to this shift. Many brands are already walking the path of growth through short-form marketing.

Why Is Short-Form Video Marketing So Important?

✅ Growing User Base

Surprisingly, it's reported that nearly 90% of channel views on YouTube come through Shorts. This serves as a clear testament to the power of short-form content. The popularity of short-form is no exception in marketing strategies either. The rapid increase in user numbers is making short-form marketing an increasingly critical element.

✅ Ease of Video Production

VPLATE Process Brief

Another allure of short-form marketing lies in the 'ease of production.'

You might wonder, how is video production easy?
Indeed, video production is not simple.

However, video creating solutions like VPLATE have democratized video creation. Now, anyone can produce impressive short-form videos without expensive equipment or specialized editing skills. This has made it an optimal marketing tool by drastically reducing production costs and time while still leaving a strong impression on consumers.

✅ Engaging Consumers Actively

Lastly, short-form video plays a crucial role in 'actively engaging consumers.' Nowadays, a single short-form video can spread among consumers in the form of a 'challenge,' which has become a boon for brand promotion efforts.

Consumers participate for fun, while brands naturally attract attention. Thus, short-form marketing is an effective way for e-commerce sites to build relationships with consumers through two-way communication.

Success Stories of Short-Form Marketing in Commerce

1️⃣ Instagram Reels - Manscaped & Nogu

Nearly half of global consumers report that creators' short-form videos play a crucial role in discovering and shopping for new products. This underscores the significant impact of Reels on marketing.

Using Reels allows brands to vividly convey their behind-the-scenes stories and values, which might be challenging to express through still images or lengthy texts. For instance, Nogu emphasizes the brand's mission to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis through Reels, thereby deepening empathy with customers.

Manscaped and Nogu are showcased as success stories of marketing with Instagram Reels, illustrating why engaging in Reels marketing is worthwhile.


Reels Contents of Manscaped

Manscaped has actively utilized both ads and organic posts across Meta platforms, engaging customers through humorous content via Reels.

As a result, since starting to post Reels, they have seen their views surpass ten million and their follower count increase by 40%, a remarkable achievement.


Reels Contents of Nogu

Nogu communicates stories connected to the brand's core values through Reels. In particular, Reels related to the launch of the Mermaid Glass collection have highlighted the product's unique features and conveyed messages about marine conservation, eliciting positive responses from customers.

These cases from both brands demonstrate that Reels can serve as more than just content; they can act as a communication channel between brands and consumers. Investing in Reels content can strengthen customer relationships and further align them with the brand's purpose and vision.

2️⃣ TikTok - SKIN 1004

TikTok has transcended its role as merely an entertainment platform to become a powerful business tool. The case of the domestic beauty brand 'SKIN 1004' offers a strategy that all e-commerce markets should pay attention to, particularly in the global spread of K-Beauty, where TikTok has emerged as a crucial platform.

'SKIN 1004' is a skincare brand founded on the philosophy that good ingredients make good products. By developing natural ampoules and sunscreens, they quickly meet the global market's needs, expanding the influence of K-Beauty. Their venture into TikTok Shop Indonesia marked a new turning point.

Targeting Southeast Asia, 'SKIN 1004' saw TikTok Shop as a land of new opportunities. The platform's feature, allowing users to purchase immediately while watching videos, was particularly attractive to Skin Angel. However, the challenge was not easy. Establishing brand recognition in the Indonesian market and securing sales through TikTok Shop presented significant hurdles for 'SKIN 1004'.


Video View Campaign of SKIN 1004

'SKIN 1004' began by launching a video view campaign to enhance brand awareness and promote its TikTok Shop operations. Targeting viewers who watched videos for more than 3 seconds, strategic content creation, and collaborations with various Indonesian creators for Affiliated Marketing played a crucial role in consistently conveying Skin Angel's natural ingredients and eco-friendly messages.

LIVE Contents of SKIN 1004

Participation in the TikTok Shop's 6.6 Day Booster Pack and leveraging the mega sale period resulted in explosive sales growth, proving the effectiveness of Skin 1004's strategy. Utilizing LIVE, TikTok Shop's add-on deal, and voucher features were pivotal in promoting the TikTok Shop launch and maximizing sales.

The results were astounding. Skin 1004's Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) increased by 8.58 times, and the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from video shopping ads and LIVE shopping ads reached 641% and 431%, respectively. These figures clearly demonstrate Skin 1004's strong influence in the Indonesian market.

3️⃣ Youtube Ads - William Painter

As times change, so does the landscape of shopping. In today’s world where online shopping has become the norm, how can products that are traditionally experienced in person be sold effectively online? Sunglasses brand William Painter has offered an answer to this question.

The challenge was how to capture the interest of potential online customers and lead them to purchase sunglasses, a product traditionally tried on in physical stores. William Painter needed to find a powerful medium to convey the superior quality and style of their products. Their choice was YouTube.

Action True View Video Ads of William Painter

The power of YouTube lies in its unparalleled storytelling and authenticity compared to other platforms. Utilizing this, William Painter was able to promote their sunglasses worldwide through action True View ads. Their first video, shot on a smartphone and incorporating humor, effectively engaged customers and generated positive word-of-mouth for the brand.

The results were remarkable. One video surpassed 65 million views, rapidly increasing William Painter's brand recognition. This effort led to a 1,500% increase in website visitors, a 1,300% increase in conversions, and an astonishing 13 times increase in sales revenue compared to the previous year.

This case remains a testament to YouTube's potential not just as a video platform but as a powerful sales channel. By vividly conveying their brand story and engaging deeply with customers through humor, William Painter demonstrated how to connect effectively with the audience and drive actual sales.

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